Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No WMDs Found In Iraq?

The United States secretly moved a huge stockpile of yellowcake over a two week period, from Iraq to Canada, partly to keep it from falling into the hands of either terrorists or foreign governments such as Iran.

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Ben said...

The fact that WMD existed in Iraq, sadly was another major media failure of the Bush administration and the DOD, who first, overstated the threat they posed, and lacked any connection to the real possibility, that left unchecked they could fall into the hands of terrorists.

Instead, the media ran with expectations that huge stockpiles of chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons, ready to be launched against our troops would be located and irradiated.

The truth, that old stockpiles, degraded munitions, and poorly maintained caches of weapons were in fact found, but were just not interesting, nor of a large enough scale to warrant any major coverage. Loads of minor finds would trickle in, and I stumbled upon small stories, blogged, or carried by obscure sources telling of a few vials or munitions found, however without the 'mother load' the mainstream press just kept up the big lie that no threat existed.

What seems to be the biggest problem with the medias lack of fair coverage, is the fact that the smaller loose caches of weapons are the ones most likely to get into the hands of terrorists and be used against civilian populations. A single munition, smuggled out and converted to a dirty bomb could effect thousands in a populated space.

It is this type of threat that seems highly probable, yet the press does not seem to care that finding and controlling these substances was a major benefit of our invasion of iraq, no matter how minute the quantities were.


Pablo Mac said...

I could see why the MSM didn't cover this story for security reasons, but we all know that's not why it was ignored.

Now that the yellowcake is in safe hands, let's see how quickly the MSM handles the story. I predict they won't.