Sunday, January 11, 2009

WARNING: Avoid Pablo Mac Geocaches!

GeoKnievel & Hawkeye just posted this log on my Off-The-Shelf Solution geocache:

I've been wanting to do this one for a long time. It was a warm but drizzly kind of day with some big swells hitting the jetty frequently. I walked to the cache carefully without incident and found it with no problem. The way back was a different story though. I slipped about half way back and hit my leg extremely hard along with twisting my knee. I could feel the blood trickeling down my leg in my pants and was in alot of pain by the time I made it back to solid ground. I showed Hawkeye the damage and she was shocked at the size of the hole in my leg from the fall. I was still bleeding massively when I got back to Bend 6 hours later. Oh well alot of gauze and alot of pain but hey this is geocaching and you take the good with the bad. Thanks for the fun. TNLNSL

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Chris said...

Yikes! What a story!