Sunday, May 31, 2009

Worried About World Order


One end of the political spectrum is anarchy, the other totalitarianism.

Since our nation’s founding, and because of events like the Depression, WWII and 9/11, our federal government has been moving from an unintrusive type toward total control, and now that there is one party with absolute power, we are headed there at break-neck speed.

The government has gained control in the banking, credit and automobile industries. The stage is set for gun confiscation, with introduction of a resolution (HR.45), which would put gun owners on a federal registry. We have the right to bear arms to protect us from the government. A future terror attack could bring martial law and confiscation.

We’re at the cusp of having government in total control. We cannot express an opinion that might offend, nor can we move freely — think Adventure Pass and new passport requirements — nor can we succeed without guilt; making a profit is being vilified.

The government has a relentless goal to make us equal through an ever-progressive tax system and entitlement programs, whose real purpose is to redistribute wealth and secure voting blocks. Think Joe the plumber and Karl Marx. We’re heading into the new world order, as our government signs treaties that would surrender sovereignty and allow a migration from the south that is diluting our culture.

What amazes me is that we got to this point by use of the ballot. Ignorance is lack of knowledge, and complacency is when we just don’t care — and that’s is what the power-mongers want. If you care about the country, your children will grow up in then get educated, and vote for candidates and propositions that can turn us around. Why write your senator or congressperson? Do you really think they will listen?

Hal Madson

Santa Maria

May 31, 2009

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