Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Best Pickup Line Ever: "Want to go Geocaching?"

Seen on Reddit:

So I'm in the hallway of my apartment locking the door when the freaking hot girl from down the hall walks past and asks me what I'm up to. I tell her "not much, just getting ready for a Sunday afternoon drive to do some geocaching". Then she gets interested and tells me that she has heard of geocaching before and always wanted to try it out. A few more exchanges about the details and she still sounds interested. Out of nowhere (subconscious part of the brain I guess) I ask her if she wants to tag along, telling her that it shouldn't take more than 45mins-1hr. At this point I'm trying to comprehend what just came out of my mouth but I heard her say "sure, let me go get my sunglasses". Somehow I was able to calmly wait in the hall for the 30 seconds it took her to come back; sort of felt surreal at the time. We got downstairs and hopped in the car. Fortunately she tended to run the conversation so I didn't have to worry about coming up with things to say. After the 15 minute drive to the approximate location of the cache I handed her the GPS and told her that she was in charge. Definitely a premeditated decision because I knew that she would probably need instruction on how to read the GPS. It provided a great opportunity for me to talk/instruct on something that I knew. After 10 minutes of walking we got within a couple of yards of the cache and began searching for it. I found it under a chunk of tree bark and called her over before fully unveiling it. I signed the logbook and re-hid the box. We trekked back to the car and began to drive back. (should have done a tic search, damn) Conversation on the way back was a little bit less rigid and more relaxed. We pulled up to the apartment complex about 50 minutes after leaving. Then we walked up stairs and told I her that if she wanted to, I would probably be going out again next weekend, or that she could go running with me in the evenings if she liked running. She bit off on it, we're going running together tonight!

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