Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Email to 0bama's Health Care Snitch Line

Emailed to flag@whitehouse.gov:

Dear President Obama,

With all due respect, I resent the insinuation from your administration and the Democrat congressional leadership that the grass-roots revolt against "ObamaCare" has somehow been manufactured. Please do not be fooled. This outrage is coming directly from the ranks of Real Americans.

Real Americans like me are not rallied by professional "organizers." We seek out information on the truth behind your proposed reforms of our healthcare system.

Real Americans like me will rally and speak out for freedom from a governmental takeover of healthcare, at any town hall meeting, any time we are able. Our brave American forebears fought and died for as much.

Real Americans like me don't need to be hand-picked and/or bussed-in to photo-op press events contrived by government officials or the biased Mainstream Media. We don't have to be coerced by unions or community organizers. Nor do we feel so insecure about our beliefs that we seek out snitches to turn in those who believe differently than we do. We welcome a healthy debate.

Real Americans like me are Patriots who love to exercise our free-speech rights, given to us by God and enshrined in our Constitution. We would rally to the side of government leaders who proposed sensible initiatives we felt were in our Nation's best interest.

Real Americans like me are proof that this outpouring of resentment for your Big Government programs is not "Astroturf" organized nor secretly staged. It is organic. It is sincere. And it is REAL.

To belittle the concerns of Real Americans regarding your progressive agenda is naive at best and will certainly not win popular support from a broad, bipartisan voter base. To attempt to intimidate Real Americans who criticize your initiatives is, quite simply, un-American.

If you cannot successfully argue your case, Mr. President, then we, the Real Americans, will let you and Congress know. We WILL continue to exercise our free speech rights.

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