Friday, April 26, 2013

What Is Conceptual Training?

A good friend asked me to send him my thoughts on "conceptual training," and to include three examples of effective conceptual training. Here is what I sent him:

1: Conceptual training is that which focuses on the theory (concepts) rather than practical application of concepts. A conceptual training event must be carefully targeted to deliver the right training to the audience. You have to clearly identify and iterate your training objectives to match the audience's training needs and expectations.

2a: Lecture presentation, followed by discussion (synchronous, then asynchronous)

2b: Reading and/or video assignment, followed by discussion (synchronous, then asynchronous)

2c: Role-play scenario, followed by discussion (synchronous, then asynchronous)

As you can see, I'm a big fan of student discussion as an integral part of the learning process. Live discussions, followed by online discussions are proven to greatly enhance learning and retention.

My friend didn't tell me this, but I bet he's angling for a new job. Good luck, George! Don't forget us little people!

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