Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Old "Guns On Campus" Issue Revisited

At the college where I work, students and other campus visitors who hold a concealed weapons permit are allowed by statute to carry concealed on campus, but employees are not, because of a college policy. This results in the college not permitting people it knows from being able to defend themselves and other employees and students, but letting relative strangers carry freely. As a former Marine and law enforcement weapons instructor, it seems a little out of whack to me, as well as to numerous responsible permit-holding employees I know.

Please don’t strike back with an emotion-laden response to this issue, as a wealth of solid facts and statistics back up the position that a policy that allows trained and license concealed carry permit holding employees to carry in the workplace drastically reduces workplace violence. I have studied this issue for years, and I encourage you to do your own research if it concerns you.

This story brought all of these thoughts to mind for me.


Bev Dunigan said...

I've never held a gun, much less fired one. (Yes, I've lived a pretty dang sheltered life.) That being said, in a dangerous workplace situation, I would much rather entrust my life to a coworker than to someone I don't know.

Pablo Mac said...

This policy sets the College up to be vulnerable to a MAJOR lawsuit if and when a situation we all dread happens. Think about it: innocent life taken when it could have been likely prevented by a sensible policy acknowledging and allowing vetted citizen employees to carry concealed.