Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why ADV/DS Motorcylists Don't Wave At Street Bikers

10. They know you probably don't know what a DS or ADV bike is, anyway.

9. They are too busy thinking of that remote mountain lake they are headed to.

8. They don't want to make you feel jealous for being a pavement slave.

7. They are uncomfortable sitting on that 2X4.

6. They use their helmet visor to assist with a head nod.

5. They feel it's unsafe to wave while popping a wheelie off of the sidewalk.

4. They are too busy anticipating the turnoff onto the gravel road up ahead. The gravel road you just rode past without even noticing. Because you can't ride on gravel.

3. They don't wave to people who can't ride on gravel.

2. They got told once by a certain motorcycle gang member they don't wave at "dirt bike m-fers." You might belong to a motorcycle gang.

1. They are too busy riding their own ride, on any road, trail, or goat track they want to ride on.

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