Wednesday, February 24, 2016

9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit (+ 9 More)

A friend shared a great article on social media recently:

Here are 9 more:

10. They drive wedges between their subordinates, compartmentalizing information and hindering teamwork and communication among them.

11. They ignore the experience and expertise of their employees, and instead treat them like they know little or nothing about the work they actually are quite good at.

12. They place roadblocks in front of employees who strive to innovate and develop solutions.

13. They micromanage and nitpick the enthusiasm right out of their employees.

14. They overcommit themselves to the point of being largely unavailable to their employees.

15. They ignore progress reports from their employees, and then accuse those employees of not getting enough work done.

16. They take advantage of upper management's tendency to protect mid-management at all cost.

17. They don't listen to ideas offered by their own employees, and then later enthusiastically adopt those same ideas when someone outside the team brings them up.

18. They don't accept perspectives and opinions developed over years by their employees, but instead force them to work within constraints dictated by arbitrary research conducted outside the context of the local work environment.

I won't keep going…

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