Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lack of Response by Obama is an Act of Treason

Fellow Americans,

My name is SSgt Brian Keith. In the past I have let myself blindly believe that serving in the military was as far as my responsibility went when protecting our country. I was wrong. Although I have not been in for 20 years, I did serve active duty, then served as a civil servant and as a reservist. When the election was over, I decided that I could not serve under the current elected president.

Never in my life did I fathom that certain words in the oath I swore would come to fruition, "enemies DOMESTIC". At first I figured that it was just rhetoric from individuals whose party lost in the election, and they were just grasping at radical straws. Although my views are somewhat conservative, I really didn't have a party that I associated with, because it seems that there aren't any representatives. To be representatives, they have to actually respond to and act on the behalf of their constituents. Since we as Americans have allowed this to happen by not getting involved. and not restricting those that we vote into office, I have decided that I must fight for our future. It is a dishonor to our forefathers that we have allowed such a destruction of the Constitution that they put in place to protect us. They protected us, but we are refusing to protect the future, "our children".

Because of the lack of response by Obama and his administration, it is evident to me that this is an act of treason against our country. The American people put their trust in him to protect this nation, the Constitution, and the principles from which it was founded. There is never a good reason to not be forthcoming with the American people, when you are given their trust in the highest office. There is no reasonable excuse not to have already shared what so many have requested, unless their is a direct attack against our foundation.

My fear now is that any information given to rebuff this inquiry will be false. If it is true that he is not legitimately the president, do we have enough patriots that understand how egregious this assault is, and would support the punishment that is warranted? Would our non-representatives actually do anything about it, when they do not even listen to our wishes on any small bill they wish to pass? The point for us to stand has come. We either refuse to let them tear our freedom apart, or we submit. If there are not enough true Americans out there to stop this false government, then I will not be around to see the end result. I swore to support and defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I will gladly give my life to fulfill my oath if that is what the future of our nation requires.

It is unfortunate that we started to sew these seeds in the last administration. Although President Bush did many things that I know were the right thing, and I was proud he stood by his beliefs and principles, he violated our most important document as well. Yes, he was reacting to an unprecedented attack on our country (and personally I agreed with some of his reactions), I can not stand behind the violations of the Constitution that he perpetuated. I have to defend the constitution at all cost, even when I feel it restricts my desires. This is what order and freedom are founded on.

The past cannot be changed, so all I can do is dedicate my life to the future, and I will report for duty. Anyone who is not dedicated to these basic principles is not American, and doing nothing makes you a member to those ranks. May we have strength and be dedicated in our resolve to not dishonor our founding fathers and to defend the United States of America.

Veritas Vincit

SSgt Brian A Keith
American Patriot
United States Marine

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