Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mystery Men Carry Weapons on WOU Campus!?

In case you haven't heard the story of Jeffery Maxwell, the former Marine (Semper Fi, Jeffery!) who was detained for carrying weapons on the campus of Western Oregon University, read up on some of the stories out there on the issue. And look what I found:
I can neither confirm nor deny knowing the identities of the gentlemen in this picture (taken March 5, 2009), nor whether the weapons appearing on their persons is actually the work of a person skilled in the use of Adobe® Photoshop®. I report. You decide.

"If handguns cause crime, mine is defective."


a.k.a. Radar said...
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a.k.a. Radar said...

If there are more law-abiding people carrying guns, there would be a lot less crime... It's a proven fact!!!