Saturday, April 04, 2009

Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian

There is a spiritual emergency in America.

Barack Obama is in the process of trying to recreate the Christian faith in his own, very liberal and unorthodox image.

Built on a foundation of radical Black Liberation Theology, theological liberalism and post-modernism, Obama is undermining historic, biblical Christianity while claiming his is a Christian. In the process, he is defaming the Christian faith.

By declaring he is a Christian, yet denying Christianities most essential truths and traditional morality, Obama is associating Christ with some of the most wicked practices imaginable, all of which are condemned in the Bible.

By any historic or biblical standard, Barack Obama is not a Christian.

With his incredible celebrity status, Obama's ideas about spiritual matters have become very significant, and they are very dangerous.

Now, more than ever, Christianity is under attack from without and within. We need your help to stand for Christ.

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