Monday, June 03, 2013

Enjoy Your Bus Ride

Every now and then (ok, quite often), my good friend Jason Smith posts an extremely clear and concise essay that hits the nail on the head. This is definitely one of his best pieces:

Does anyone know what these words actually mean? Republican, and Democrat. In a democracy (where the word democrat comes from, those who follow that doctrine) the people vote, and the majority rules.

This means that everyone must obey the rules set by the majority. It doesn't matter what your personal belief is, you are expected to follow the majority's rule. If the majority votes to drive the bus off a cliff, you are expected to sit quietly in your seat and ride along.

A republic (supported in principal by republicans) is founded on individual rights. No matter what the majority decides, you as an individual have the privilege of your own opinion. You can ask the bus to stop, and you can get off before it heads over the cliff.

Basically you have two choices, individual rights (republican) or mob-rules (democrat).

A pet peeve of mine is when people say that America is a democracy. It is not, and never has been.

It was founded as, and still is today a republic.

Remember the pledge of allegiance? "To the REPUBLIC for which she stands?"

Anyone who claims to believe in INDIVIDUAL freedom, and votes democrat, needs to read a little history (and the dictionary).

Just saying.

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