Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Consertative in a Liberal World

I couldn't say it any better than Zoe Connolly. I'm with Zoe:

There's a scene in an early episode of Patrick McGoohan's billiant 1967 TV Series The Prisoner, where Number 6 is being questioned by Number 2. His response:

Number 6: I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

At times I've felt my life is NOT my own. I didn't always feel free to speak my mind.

I'm changing that today. My life *is* my own....

The typist behind my avatar is a conservative leaning libertarian. A Classical Liberal. Conservative in many ways, libertarian in others and liberal in a scant few. For many reasons I like to refer to myself as a small "l" libertarian.

Not a popular stance in a place like Second Life (SL), a decidedly Liberal/Left virtual world where support for Barack Obama is overwhelming.

Before today, I've taken the cowards way out. I've hated political discussions in SL out of fear. Fear of losing friends. Fear of being thought as intellectually inferior. I've had many things to say about SL that I have chosen NOT to say, because of my previous fears.

I make this announcement knowing I will lose a few friendships and lose respect from a few intolerant closed-minded people who have a different worldview from my own.

So be it.

For those who now feel different about me... I'll remind you of one thing. Your ideas never changed how I felt about you. I still call you a friend or acquaintance of mine. The choice is yours whether that friendship is reciprocated or not.

Be seeing you ;)

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