Friday, December 05, 2008

Lingering Concerns

By Richard Shaffer

There are currently 13 lawsuits nationwide concerning possible violation of the U.S. Constitutional requirements for the office of President of the United States. All of them are calling for Barack Obama and the DNC to produce a valid certificate of birth proving that Obama is a citizen of America.

To date, the only certificate posted on Barack Obama's Web site has been called a forgery by expert analyst Dr. Ron Polarik, who is recognized as an expert. This man has had threats against him from Obama supporters for exposing this alarming news.

Barack's grandmother, who lives in Kenya, has said that he was born in Kenya and that she was present at his birth.

The Constitution allows only natural citizens of this country to be eligible to hold the Presidential office in order to prevent those with interests subversive to this country from attaining it. This issue is vitally important, and the Constitution must be upheld. It is the responsibility of the Electoral College to vet the candidates diligently to ascertain their eligibility. This hasn't happened.

As citizens of our great nation, we must demand that our Constitution be followed to the letter. To ignore this possible breach of Constitutional law would be devastating to this country. If one person or one political party can get away with this, our Constitution no longer has strength, and elected party candidates will be able to change it at will! If this doesn't alarm everyone who calls themselves an American, then I fear our country is in deep trouble!

Please put aside partisanship, examine the evidence for yourself and take action today.

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