Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Liberalized Center is 'Capitol' Crime

by Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.

The just-completed Capitol Visitor Center, which opens Dec. 2, is a 580,000-square-foot cavern dug at the foot of the U.S. Capitol at a cost of $621 million (almost nine times over budget).

Designed to provide "an enhanced educational experience," the Visitor Center allows guests to make on-line reservations before spending time at two gift shops, enjoying a 530-seat restaurant, visiting any of 26 restrooms or watching an orientation film in one of two theaters, all in air-conditioned comfort.

The "educational" part is the Exhibition Hall, the theme of which is "E Pluribus Unum -- Out of Many, One." The etching in marble initially referred to that phrase as the nation's motto. Now, however, that etching is covered by a bad plaster job, because … well, "E Pluribus Unum" is not the nation's motto. Our actual motto, "In God We Trust," is notably absent, along with other references to faith.

This exhibit is Congress' temple to liberals' "living Constitution," the eternal font of lawmakers' evolving mandate to achieve the nation's ideals. There are no fixed meanings in their version, only open-ended "aspirations." The Constitution is an empty vessel, to be adapted to the times, as required to bring change. It means nothing -- or anything.

The education experience concludes by quoting Sen. Robert La Follette, the great progressive reformer from Wisconsin: "America is not made. It's in the making."

According to this distorted view, we are a pluribus only until Congress makes us an unum--by remaking the Constitution in its own image.

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Shawn said...

I fail to see how this is caused by the liberals, and I fail to see how showing that we're moving away from Slavery and the sins of our past is a bad thing.

The Capitol Visitor Center finally received funding in the 104th Congress, the first Republican led congress since 1959. The Republicans are to blame for the waste of the new visitor center.

How is pointing out that we're trying to be better people by moving forward and learning from our past a bad thing? Are we NOT moving away from slavery, mistakes in Vietnam, and the treatment of Native Americans?

The guy mentions the 26 restrooms like it's some sort of crime. They must just be there for the Republican Senators to hang out in.

E pluribus unum was the original motto voted on and passed in 1782.

Ted said...

This is NOT rocket science:
Since the Constitution’s Article II requires our President to be a “natural born citizen” (not merely “citizen” as allowed for those living when the Constitution was enacted) meaning both parents were US “citizens” when the child was born (parents not necessarily “natural born” citizens), there’s NO WAY Obama can be President — regardless of being born in Kenya OR Hawaii. Obama’s dad was NOT an American citizen. He was a citizen of the UK (ruling Kenya at the time). Case closed.

Pablo Mac said...

That's great, Ted. Now if that comment could appear on a story relative to 0bama's citizenship issue, it would be even better!